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Can a digital signal has 3 three values(1,0 and -1)?

Typically digital signals are seen having only two values,but is it possible that a digital signal has three values(1,0 and -1)?as shown highlighted in attached snapshot,which has been extracted from ...
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ADC sampling of incoming signal and aliasing effect [duplicate]

I know from the sampling theorem, that the signal frequency $f_{sig}$ shouldn't exceed 0.5 of sampling frequency $f_{samp}$. I decided to have a look at it and tried for example $f_{samp} = 50 $ $kHz$ ...
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1 answer

Quantization and Sampling - putting it all together

So after I learned this two topic: quantization and sampling, I'm learning the way to look at both of them and try to optimize the split of a given amount of bit B to N and k, where N is the amount of ...
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About Data spreading in CDMA

If we have data we need to transmit which is $i$, so we should multiply is using XOR function with spreading code $y$. How many bits (Maximum and Minimum) should $i$ and $y$ can have ?
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3 answers

Lower digitisation rate for long distance communcation

Why is it that usually lower digitisation rates are used for long distance communications? e.g. sound is highly distorted in undersea communications, is this because of the lower digitisation rate ...
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Oversampling while maintaining noise PSD

I'm designing a digital PID for control and stabilization of laser amplitude. The noise PSD of the laser intensity is around -140dB/Hz, and I want to servo that between DC and 100kHz. I think I've ...
9 votes
5 answers

Improving Digitization by Adding White Noise Before Oversampling

I was reading a physics book and it said that when digitizing a signal white noise was added to improve the process. I don't understand how this works. Therefore my question is: When digitizing an ...
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1 answer

Lpcm encoded data kept on an analog source

Let us say i have some digital data placed in a wav file by lpcm method. At a sampling rate of 44.1khz i can place 5.5kb of data per second of audio by choosing two amplitudes (quantas) for each ...
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2 answers

Spectral images - How do they appear during ADC?

Why is it that spectral images appear? I know they appear for $F_s$, but why those replicas appear, I don't know. E.g., sampling $x(t) = sin(1000 * 2\pi t)$ with a sample frequency of 230 Hz. I know ...
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1 answer

How best to digitize a noisy phone recording for filtering?

How do I digitize an analog telephone recording and filter it with a Chebyshev filter?
8 votes
4 answers

How to: pixel packs in an image to representative point coordinates (x,y)

Let's have an image (gray-scale or even binary) as shown on the following figure at the left hand side, the goal is to generate a list of points i.e., coordinates in the form of (x,y) for each pack of ...