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Adaptive Delta Modulation: Logic for step size control at receiver

I read that in adaptive delta modulation, we have a block for step size control (diagram below) which takes into account the one bit quantizer output in a feedback loop and modulates it, the intent ...
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Sigma Delta Sampling

I am using a Sigma Delta ADC and really understood the working of it I need to sample a signal at 8.5 Mhz. The SD ADC has a Demodulator and decimating FIR filter The Oversampling ratio options are 32/...
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Anti-aliasing requirements for a Muxed Sigma-Delta Converter

It seems to be reasonably well accepted that Sigma-Delta ADCs have much looser requirements for the anti-aliasing filter due to both the noise shaping and high modulation frequency. However, it seems ...
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Driving bandpass DSM with tone close to full-scale - stability issue?

I am experimenting with Dr. Schreier's DSM toolbox for MATLAB. I stumbled over a strange phenomenon when having a look at a bandpass DSM in demo-script 2. If I increased the amplitude of the test-tone ...
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DSM Model Not Producing Expected Noise Shaping

I am trying to design a 2nd Order CIFB DSM ADC on Simulink based off the values I have extracted from Richard Schreier's Delta Sigma Modulation Toolbox. However, when I ran the model according to the ...
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