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Segment Image of Small Elements on Neutral Background

I have a 8 bit gray level image where if the value = 122 it means no information, value = 0 means highly negative, and value = 255 means highly positive. I want to connect as many positive information ...
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Calculating connected component's central moments

I am learning about image's moments. As an exercise I got this: For x̄ value I get 5 from this formula: $$= \frac{\sum_{x=1}^{X} \sum_{y=1}^{Y} xf(x,y)}{\sum_{x=1}^{X} \sum_{y=1}^{Y} f(x,y)}$$ As ...
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What exactly is a connected componnent in an image?

The following is a paragraph from "Digital image processing, 4th edition, Gonzalez and Woods". Let S represent a subset of pixels in an image. Two pixels p and q are said to be connected in ...
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Looking for a way to fill holes in objects, and break bridges between them

I am trying to extract building footprints from satellite images. Using a series of morphological operations i.e erosion and opening by reconstruction, I'm able to obtain the footprints, albeit with a ...
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What is Causing a Noise Signal in USB Audio Recording?

I am experiencing the following peculiar noise signal when recording from my Behringer Xenyx Control 2 over USB. There is frequency at around 2293 hz as show: And over time, it produces the ...
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Can Normalized Cut be used to find connected components in binary images?

I'm unsure whether Normalized Cut can or can't be used to find connected components in binary images. I would argue that it could, but could not validate this argument.
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Convex Hull Area in Pixels

I am calculating different attributes for connected regions of the image, with the final goal of classification. One of the attributes I am working with is a sparsity measure, calculated as the ratio ...
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What is Causing a Cyclic 1kHz Noise Signal in Audio Recording?

I dug my old Behringer UCA202 out of my shed and plugged it into a computer. I did some tests and it appears to be working fine... apart from some noise signals on the line input channels. I'm not ...
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How can we know the geometry of a blob detected by OpenCV

I am performing blob analysis using connectedComponentsWithStats, which returns elementary statistics about the blobs (AABB and area). It is also possible to ...
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Image objects dispersion and diversity measures

I have images like below: I want to find some measures describing black spots dispersion and diversity. First measures I use are mass center off all black spots, mean area of spot, stdev of area ...
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