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Depth estimation using phase shifted sine waves

For 3 phase shifted sine waves using the projected pattern: I = sin(x + δi) where δ ∈ [-2pi/3, 0, +2pi/3] which is then projected onto a scene. The resulting image is captured with a camera. I am ...
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Dataset suggestion: video dataset with accurate depth and pose info

Please suggest some datasets (can be synthetic, like rendered in blender or so) which have video frames (30fps preferred) with accurate ground truth depth maps and pose (rotation and translation for ...
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Obtaining a sine wave ECG from a matrix of short arrays

I am a software developer, so please forgive my limited knowledge in the DSP space. I am given a task to plot an ECG graph and the data I receive from an ECG (BLE) device is provided in a matrix of ...
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How to produce pencil-like images by pure image processing methods?

Is it possible to reproduce the following pencil-like image by pure image processing? Notes: The original image: Fig 10 in paper ...
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