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Slicing an Image into Tiles According to Content

Given an image that contains an NxM grid of icons with text below them, somewhat like this: I'm wondering how to split it up into the individual icons with text. Some wrinkles: The image won't ...
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Number of dimensions? Color image vs gray scale image? Colour video vs gray scale video? Especially in the context of MATLAB

I am very confused as I had a debate with my buddy regarding color (RGB) images. He insisted that color images are two-dimensional, but when I personally try myself to read a color image into MATLAB, ...
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Math for projecting 3d world point to VR image coordinates

Suppose, I've a 3d world point $P$ and I want to project it onto the image plane of camera, I can do it as follows $$M = \begin{bmatrix} R & t \\ 0 & 1 \\ \end{bmatrix}$$ $$p = K \cdot M \cdot ...
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Dataset suggestion: video dataset with accurate depth and pose info

Please suggest some datasets (can be synthetic, like rendered in blender or so) which have video frames (30fps preferred) with accurate ground truth depth maps and pose (rotation and translation for ...
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What helped you in reading and implementing papers and coming up with original ideas in computer vision/graphics?

I'm trying to get into academic research at the intersection of vision and graphics, and was wondering how researchers in the field went about this: Was it useful to do a lot of fundamental math ...
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Relation between ppi and screen(icon) size? [closed]

We know that , generally greater the ppi, the greater the spatial resolution of an image and hence quality But why do the size of icons keeps on decreasing as we change display settings of our ...
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Obtaining a sine wave ECG from a matrix of short arrays

I am a software developer, so please forgive my limited knowledge in the DSP space. I am given a task to plot an ECG graph and the data I receive from an ECG (BLE) device is provided in a matrix of ...
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How can I graph the amplitude for a given frequency window over time?

I have simple audio files of single plucked notes from a guitar: I want to graph the amplitude of each partials over time, rather than just have this color-coded "dB" intensity graphing I have here. ...
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How to produce pencil-like images by pure image processing methods?

Is it possible to reproduce the following pencil-like image by pure image processing? Notes: The original image: Fig 10 in paper ...
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How to perform 2D image rotation by FFT based image translation using matlab?

I am studying rotation using 3 translations as described in this scientific paper. According to the authors , it is possible to decompose a rotation into 3 shear translations which will be implemented ...
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How to Draw a Line at Non Integer Pixel Coordinates on an Image

I have lines (or segments really) I want to draw into a new image I. Let's define the intensity of the pixel at row = r and <...