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call decimate function from matlab

I tried to call decimate function in Scipy from Matlab but met an error. Can somebody point me in a direction, please? Here is a code of Matlab ...
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About the orthogonality of columns in Zadoff-Chu matrix

As we know that Zadoff-Chu matrix is similar to Walsh-Hadamard matrix where every columns in those matrices is orthogonal with the any other column. For Walsh-Hadmard matrix, the orthogonality is ...
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Definition of Perfect Code (and example of Hamming Code)

Let's consider the following sentences about coding a message before transmitting it in a communication system (here you find the complete pdf) First question: can you explain me these two ...
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About Data spreading in CDMA

If we have data we need to transmit which is $i$, so we should multiply is using XOR function with spreading code $y$. How many bits (Maximum and Minimum) should $i$ and $y$ can have ?
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Calculating Hamming distance effectively: a fast approach

Let us say that we have a database of 5000 entries. Each entry is a 32 point discrete signal (min. amplitude: 0 and max. amplitude: 10 (signal value ranging only in integers)) i.e. each discrete point ...
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Minimum Output Samples needed to crack a "Gold Code" Generator (Dual LFSR)

Please preface your answer with spoiler notation by typing the following two characters first ">!" Below is an implementation of a "Gold Code" Generator formed by adding (in $GF(2)$) the outputs from ...
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