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DAC sampling rate when using DSSS/CDMA

I'm currently not sure if I understood DSSS correctly. Following example: We have a shared RF network with around a thousand of users and we want to use CDMA. The RF link should allow the streaming of ...
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DS-CDMA Spreading Code Length Selection

I'm trying to wrap my head around the process of selecting DS-CDMA spreading codes, and I'm having trouble understanding the tradeoffs of longer codes. For all scenarios described below, I'm using a ...
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Efficient frequency domain search for reduced number of hypotheses

In CDMA signals (such as GNSS) there are two unknown parameters when one receives the signal, residual carrier frequency and an unknown delay. Assuming the carrier frequency residual is known, what is ...
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Other Examples of Complete Orthonormal Systems

I am interested in other examples of finite and complete orthogonal basis. I am not confident in my use of the term “complete”, so what I mean specifically is a set of basis vectors that can be used ...
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