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Averaging is a signal processing technique applied in the time domain, intended to increase the strength of a signal relative to noise that is obscuring it.

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Event-related EEG (epoch averaging) as a form of inter-harmonic bandstop filtering?

There is a matter that comes to my mind from time to time, now I describe it in detail. Anyway I am a first year PhD student, doing research in the field of cognitive neuroscience, but yet I only have ...
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average after Kalman filter and how to deal with drift

This is in the context of mobile device localization. The mobile device does not move. All I have is the delay estimated from the signal sent by the mobile device ('measure' in blue). With a simple ...
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Smoothing of Log Data Plots in Octave

I have some frequency based data that I'm plotting with Octave's semilogx that looks like this: The amplitude of peaks does not increase with frequency over the linear scale. But with a log scale, ...
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Bit accuracy improvement versus sample averaging

Supposing we have multiple samples of a scaled signal $x$ given by $y_i=a_ix+n_i$ where $n_i$ is AWGN how does the bit accuracy of estimation of $x$ improve with averaging of samples $y_i$ (number of ...
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Are longer integration times equally good or better than averaging over several shorter timespans?

Consider the signal of e.g. a photodiode or a spectrometer, where a dark measurement has been taken to account for baseline noise. The signal we want to measure is quite weak, so we need a decently ...
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Artefactual results in the Welch PSD (FFT) of melodic contours (pitch profiles)

DESCRIPTION OF SIGNALS I have several sung melodies under each of nine conditions. The melodies are all of slightly different lengths (ranging more or less from 3s to 12s), and each is encoded as a ...
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How to deal with noise near saturation

If I have a noisy signal which I know is approaching the saturation limit of my sensor, then the measurement will sometimes be saturated. It seems that if I try to estimate the true data by averaging ...
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Lower bound of weighted average of sequence

Can anyone prove that $$\mathrm{avg}\left(\frac {a_i}{\left(1+a_i\right)^2}\right) \ge \frac{\mathrm {avg}({a_i})}{\left(1+\mathrm{avg}{(a_i)}\right)^2}$$ for a sequence of positive valued elements $...
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Recoverable continuous function after average sampling

I have a personal interest in this question, but I don't know if it is unfounded. Suppose I have a continuous function x (t), which is sampled using an average sliding window, which performs a ...
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