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Is it possible to design a wearable device with a noise reduction ratio (NRR) larger than 36 dB?

Wearing both ear muffs (whether passive or active) and earplugs simultaneously can't yield more than 36 dB noise reduction ratio (NRR), because: it does not prevent the sound to reach your inner ear ...
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Signal attenuation and time delay

I want to investigate the attenuation in signal due to various environmental factors such as rain. Is it sensible to try to investigate some function that relates the time delay due to those ...
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Calculating stopband cut-off frequency and stopband attenuation for FIR lowpass window filter

I am aiming to create a digital windowing FIR filter on MATLAB and have been given specs such as a: sampling frequency of 360Hz maximum filter order of 5 cut-off frequency of 98Hz/ 1.710rad/sample (...
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What types of sound attenuation do exist?

Sound attenuation can occur due to various phenomena. The most known are Distance: For a point source the sound pressure decreases by 6dB with each doubling of the distance to the sound source. ...
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Matlab IIR stopband filter attenuates my sinusoid input with frequency in the passband

I'm a DSP newbie trying to get into the field. Despite being able to use some of the MATLAB tools, I'm still not completely solid on some intuition of the frequency domain. I've implemented a biquad ...
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Estimation of the attenuation of two waves on a linear sensor array

Context and objective I am trying to estimate the attenuation coefficients ($\alpha_u$ and $\alpha_v$) of two waves ($\overrightarrow{u}$ and $\overrightarrow{v}$). These waves propagate on a linear ...
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High pass filter not attenuating signal at start of input

I have implemented digital high pass filter with below specs: Sampling frequency = 5333 Hz Cutoff frequency = 10 Hz Order = 3 We are facing problem like below: As ...
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Given a wide band signal with equal SNR over the whole spectrum, what should the stop band attenuation be for a decimation filter?

Imagine an incoming signal with $60$ dB SNR over the whole spectrum. I want to decimate this signal by a factor of, say, $40$, while maintaining a $60$ dB SNR in the remaining frequency range. What ...
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Adding attenuations in dB

I am writing a synthesizer. One part of the synthesizer specification says that different sources can specify an attenuation to be applied to a signal, and that these attenuations should be summed. ...
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Is there a recommended amount of attenuation for rectifying edge artefacts?

I just noticed that Spotify fades in/out the music when you play/pause - is this to avoid clicking? This attenuation is noticeable; is there a minimum amount of attenuation required to fix clicking (...
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Determine reflections from received signal

I have a reference signal $r(t)$ and the correlation between that reference signal and the received signal : $C_{XR}(\tau)$. The signal I receive contains reflections on walls. I have to build a ...
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Small Scale Fading time varying or position varying

I would like to ask how small scale fading can affect a transmission with time. The particular system is an antenna transmitting an ASK modulated signal at 915MHz and with bandwidth between 200KHz to ...
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Compensate for microphone?

I have trained a machine learning model to recognize a specific audio event from mel spectrograms, and it works pretty well on a hold-out test dataset. I now want to run the model on a device and feed ...
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High order IIR Comb Notch Filter with small Bandwidth - Low atenuation of harmonics

Im filtering an EMG signal, more precisely the 50 Hz frequency and its harmonics. For that, I've constructed a comb notch filter (on filterdesigner in Matlab), with its fundamental frequency being 50 ...
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Differences between Matlab resample() and CMSIS decimate_f32()

I am pretty new to DSP and I need some help to pinpoint my mistake. I am using Matlab to simulate an embedded environment. I have three signals all centered on 50Hz (6.4KHz sampling rate) which have ...
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When does a Window function's sidelobe level become out of band attenuation?

Another question I'm struggling to answer by myself. For a Window function, say Blackman (response pictured), what is the out of band attenuation? If I'm designing a filter with out of band ...
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Changing the number of cycles of an sinusoidal input signal

Imagine we have an ultrasonic sensor that transmits a multiple cycles of sinusoidal signal/waveform that can travel up to a specific distance/range. Can we achieve more distance coverage using more ...
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I have 24-bit data in two's complement 32-bit integers. I need Q31 data

I have been trying to learn about Q31 format (as well as Q15), but I am having trouble understanding how it works. So my CODEC is giving me 24-bit two's complement data. I have converted this data ...
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Variation of channel attenuation with frequency

Consider a standard RF channel over which signals are being transmitted over a 10 MHz bandwidth at 1800 MHz (using OFDM). How does the channel's intrinsic attenuation vary over frequency? More ...
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Insertion loss equality - proof

From this paper (slide 11), the insertion loss (or attenuation) is defined as $$ L(\omega^2)=\frac{\lvert V_i(j\omega)\rvert^2}{\lvert V_o(j\omega)\rvert^2}=\frac{1}{\lvert H(j\omega)\rvert^2}=10 \...
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Understanding the attenuation of a signal

I have been told that the signal in the graph below was obtained by passing a seismogram through a high-pass filter to obtain the high frequency-small amplitude waves common in tremors far from the ...
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Estimating attenuation using sliding windows

I am looking for an algorithm to measure attenuation of a discrete signal $s[t]$. Starting at the beginning of the signal sequence, is it possible to compute either sliding DFT or Gabor transform ...