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Get Length, Breadth and Width using Intel Real Sense Camera

I want to find 3d dimensions of an object in an image. With mobile phone camera and using the code here I can compute dimensions of an object within an image using a reference object. Following are ...
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When a face collapses into a swirling black hole on a video conference call like this is it due to some advanced AI-based error-correction gone wrong?

Within this newscast video1 a video conference call is shown. Between 02:23 and 02:37 the face of the interviewee appears to get ...
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References of deep learning and ai for dsp researchers [closed]

Are there excellent references for machine learning, deep learning and ai for DSP researchers?
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How virtual ads work in stadiums?

I was looking at a technology which enables virtual advertisement on the perimeter ads in soccer. It's relatively an old technology for a few years back, but I'm surprised to see the quality of it. ...
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Detect non rectangular bounding box for objects

I have a short video where a TV is shown. I need to detect the TV there (let's assume it's all pure black or it's covered with a green screen), and overlay a video on top of it on the same area. But ...
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Could modulation/coding schemes be generated from an AI?

Warning: I'm a bit of a noob with respect to this entire field, but I took some classes on it (a few years ago) and found it fascinating. Anyhow, as far as I understand it, modulation is the process ...
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Subtract audio to another audio

suppose I have a sample of a snare and that snare is used in a song,¿ there is an algorithm or tool that detects the sound of the snare and subtracts it, that is to say that cancels its phase or ...
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Is there a penis-detection demo similar to face-detection?

Is there a script/tutorial/demo for penis-detection similar to this one on face-detection? This is a fairly serious question, as the future of Internet memes is at stake. Breast / nipple detection ...
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MFCC in Speech Recognition and ANN

I have a dataset with over 2000 examples of digits (0 to 9) recorded on wav files. I'm trying to process these files with MFCC so that later I could train an Artificial Neural Network (ANN). My ...
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What would the target matrix to train Neural Network?

I'm new at Artificial Neural Network and I'm using MATLAB developing Facial expression recognition and There are six expressions ; I'm not able to understand about How to create a target matrix? My ...
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Is image annotation a hard AI problem? [closed]

From Wikipedia "In the field of artificial intelligence, the most difficult problems are informally known as AI-complete or AI-hard, implying that the difficulty of these computational problems is ...
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