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Python: tune Least Squares Support Vector Machine (LS-SVM) With Gride Search Optimization

Iam looking for LSSVM with GrideSearch optimization in python, but could not find it. Scikit learn has SVM with Gride search but not for LSSVM. Please could you help Thank you
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Get Length, Breadth and Width using Intel Real Sense Camera

I want to find 3d dimensions of an object in an image. With mobile phone camera and using the code here I can compute dimensions of an object within an image using a reference object. Following are ...
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When a face collapses into a swirling black hole on a video conference call like this is it due to some advanced AI-based error-correction gone wrong?

Within this newscast video1 a video conference call is shown. Between 02:23 and 02:37 the face of the interviewee appears to get ...
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References of deep learning and ai for dsp researchers [closed]

Are there excellent references for machine learning, deep learning and ai for DSP researchers?
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How virtual ads work in stadiums?

I was looking at a technology which enables virtual advertisement on the perimeter ads in soccer. It's relatively an old technology for a few years back, but I'm surprised to see the quality of it. ...
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Detect non rectangular bounding box for objects

I have a short video where a TV is shown. I need to detect the TV there (let's assume it's all pure black or it's covered with a green screen), and overlay a video on top of it on the same area. But ...
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Could modulation/coding schemes be generated from an AI?

Warning: I'm a bit of a noob with respect to this entire field, but I took some classes on it (a few years ago) and found it fascinating. Anyhow, as far as I understand it, modulation is the process ...
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Subtract audio to another audio

suppose I have a sample of a snare and that snare is used in a song,¿ there is an algorithm or tool that detects the sound of the snare and subtracts it, that is to say that cancels its phase or ...
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Is there a penis-detection demo similar to face-detection?

Is there a script/tutorial/demo for penis-detection similar to this one on face-detection? This is a fairly serious question, as the future of Internet memes is at stake. Breast / nipple detection ...
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MFCC in Speech Recognition and ANN

I have a dataset with over 2000 examples of digits (0 to 9) recorded on wav files. I'm trying to process these files with MFCC so that later I could train an Artificial Neural Network (ANN). My ...
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What would the target matrix to train Neural Network?

I'm new at Artificial Neural Network and I'm using MATLAB developing Facial expression recognition and There are six expressions ; I'm not able to understand about How to create a target matrix? My ...
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Is image annotation a hard AI problem? [closed]

From Wikipedia "In the field of artificial intelligence, the most difficult problems are informally known as AI-complete or AI-hard, implying that the difficulty of these computational problems is ...
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