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Why is the carrier suppressed by AM-DSB-SC modulation?

Lets say I have a message that is a sine wave at 1KHz. As I understand it, I can perform amplitude modulation by multiplying this signal with a carrier, lets say 10KHz, and this process is essentially ...
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Creating uneven sidebands with AM + PM modulation?

I am trying to modulate an optical signal such that I create a pair of sidebands with arbitrary phase and amplitude with respect to each other. For example I would be like to be able to modulate my ...
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Problem related to phase spectrum of DSB-SC signal

I have tried to solve this question (4.2.3). I got the magnitude spectrum right but the phase spectrum wrong. I am getting the phase spectrum at $ \frac{\pi}{4} $ and $ - \frac{\pi}{4} $. However, in ...
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Is there any relation between QAM and streaming?

I am trying to determine whether there is any relation between QAM and streaming (e.g., video streaming). I know that QAM can be used for broadcast TV. I'm not sure if QAM is used for WiFi bit ...
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Diode demodulation for AM

What is the capacitor and resistance at output of LPF meant for in the document it was mentioned that it is DC blocker I don't get it can't message contain DC value.
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Which equipment to use for testing performance of AM, FM, and DAB

I want to test the performance of AM, FM and DAB radio in RTL-SDR. I want to measure sensitivity, adjacent channel selectivity, cross-modulation/blocking, and third-order intermodulation to be some of ...
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What's the maximum allowable amplitude modulation frequency for a given carrier frequency?

I'm currently studying wavelets and had an interesting thought experiment: If you were to calculate the wavelet transform of a signal using a wavelet of a fixed frequency, you would get time varying ...
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Deriving SER & BER for 4QAM, 16QAM and 32QAM

Required to find symbol error rate vs $E_b/N_0$ for 4QAM, 16QAM & 32QAM. Thought that SER & BER are the same but did my research to find that BER is $1/\log_2(M)$ of SER. Could you please ...
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