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Anomaly in Magnitude Spectrum plot of an ASK Signal

Following is a SciLab code and Plots for Modulation of ASK Signal: My question is : For these particular values of fm and t, I get two weird small spikes on either side of main lobe, which doesn't ...
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How to Get Started On Demodulating Signals Such As Amplitude Modulation and Pulse Width Modulation

I'm looking to understand how signal modulation/demodulation works. My goal is to be able to demodulate a 315 MHz key fob and be able to tell what buttons are being pressed so I can have a Python ...
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What is the difference between sending pulses and modulating waves?

If you look for amplitude, frequency, phase modulation, you typically get some picture saying you have a wave and you modulate the corresponding parameter (amplitude, frequency, phase). On the other ...
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Problem related to phase spectrum of DSB-SC signal

I have tried to solve this question (4.2.3). I got the magnitude spectrum right but the phase spectrum wrong. I am getting the phase spectrum at $ \frac{\pi}{4} $ and $ - \frac{\pi}{4} $. However, in ...
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What is the name for amplitude variation over time with angle measurement called?

I am trying to create a method in my real-time algorithm to measure the variation in time based on a simple technique to avoid a huge overhead in the processing on the hardware. The first method I am ...
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FFT of frequency bands and limited amplitude modulation

In this paper they preprocess a cent spectrum of an audio file. For comparison of audio files they create the Logarithmic Fluctuation Pattern(LFP)(p.3). For this I have to use a FFT on each frequency ...
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modulation depth

When a value for the power dissipated by an AM signal is given, and the depth of modulation is also given. Then you are told to find the modulation depth required to increase the power to a higher ...
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What kind of Modulation causes "drops" in FFT Power Spectrum

I am analyzing a signal with FFT and I found an effect, that I do not understand. I am expecting to have an amplitude modulated signal. As far as I know, if you compute the power of the FFT of an ...
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Which equipment to use for testing performance of AM, FM, and DAB

I want to test the performance of AM, FM and DAB radio in RTL-SDR. I want to measure sensitivity, adjacent channel selectivity, cross-modulation/blocking, and third-order intermodulation to be some of ...
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Finding the maximum phase and the maximum frequency deviation of an angle-modulated signal

I have an angle-modulated signal: $$ s(t)=10\left[\cos\left(10^8\pi · t + 5\sin\left(2\pi\cdot10^3·t\right)\right)\right] $$ How would I go about finding the maximum phase and the maximum frequency ...
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