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Averaging data from 2 sensors

Suppose we take a reading of a single rotating axis using 2 identical sensors. Intuitively, I think that averaging the outputs of both sensors will yield a less noisy result. But what if sensor A has ...
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Bias instability in Gyroscopes : AVER / ADEV

I am attempting to implement allan variance to determine the amount of bias that is shown in my IMU's gyroscope ( BMI160 ). I am doing this with the following formula, that was captured in the ...
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How to interpret Allan Deviation plot for gyroscope?

Regions with different slopes correspond to different types of noises in Allan Deviation plot of a steady gyroscope at steady temperature. My doubts are: What is significance of x axis in this plot, ...
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What determines the accuracy of the phase result in a DFT bin?

What are the factors that affect the accuracy and precision for the phase that is given by the DFT? Just thinking medium-hard about this, it occurs to me that it must have something to do with the ...
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