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Acoustics is the interdisciplinary science that deals with the study of all mechanical waves in gases, liquids, and solids including vibration, sound, ultrasound and infrasound. Applications of acoustics are for instance the audio and noise control industries.

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Calculation of Reverberation Time (RT60) from the Impulse Response

I have some confusions regarding reverberation time (RT60). I need to calculate reverberation time from a given power envelope. This is what I get. As you might see the line is curved close to zero (...
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What is the difference between undersampling and oversampling in analog to digital conversion ?

When converting a signal from analog to digital, we observe undersampling and oversampling. Does oversampling means that the sampling frequency is greater that the signal's frequency and does ...
6 votes
3 answers

How to change speed of audio samples without changing pitch? [duplicate]

This question may be more appropriate on music stack exchange but since sound is a branch of physics and this is more of a technical question relating to sound waves than a musical question I asked it ...
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Convolving Room Impulse Response with a Wav File (python)

I have written the following code which is supposed to put echo over an available sound file. Unfortunately the output is a very noisy result which I don't exactly understand. Can anybody help me with ...
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How does mic combined with loudspeaker work?

There is variety of loudspeakers on the market that have built-in microphone so that they can produce sound and perceive it at the same time (and do it surprisingly well). How they managed to ...
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How do Phons relate to loudness?

Let's say I have the very same signal stored in 2 .wav files. And lets say I process each file using a function, and it is established that one file is 20 phons ...
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Impulse response with sweep from measurement

Does someone have a matlab script to get the impulse response from the recorded measurements using log sweep? I have the input file (sweep) and the output and I need to get the impulse response and ...
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Channel Shortening for underwater acoustic channel communication

I'm new in this forum, hope that we can learn from each other well. I need to ask about the channel shortening for underwater acoustic channel. what are the common algorithms in that field? is ...
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Energy Detection in Presence of Colored Gaussian Noise

Before asking my question, let me introduce the context: For spectrum sensing based on energy detection, which has been widely studied in presence of AWGN, the optimal detection threshold is computed ...
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1 answer

Why use complex envelope to model raw measurements?

The usual answers when asking "why use complex numbers to model measurements?" is usually: (a) Because you are measuring a phenomenon like electricity and magnetism. (b) Because it is super ...
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Pa^2/Hz to dB/Hz conversion

I have PSD data from an computational aeroacoustics analysis, which is in the units of Pa^2/Hz. I want to convert this to dB/hz; would it be correct if I use PSD[in dB/Hz] = 10log10(PSD[in Pa^2/Hz]) ...
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Frequency measurement from acoustic emission sensor data(VDC RMS)

Currently, I am facing a problem about understanding FFT concept and getting exact frequency with acoustic emission sensor data(VDC RMS data). I want to measure the sound frequency from the acoustic ...