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Given Position Measurements, How to Estimate Velocity and Acceleration

This is simple i thought, but my naive approach led to a very noisy result. I have this sample times and positions in a file named t_angle.txt: ...
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Implementing a Kalman filter for position, velocity, acceleration

I've used Kalman filters for various things in the past, but I'm now interested in using one to track position, speed and acceleration in the context of tracking position for smartphone apps. It ...
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Smoothing data by using Kalman filter

I would like to ask about smoothing data by using Kalman filter. Due to quantization, I have data that is not smooth. How can I smooth this data by using Kalman Filter. For your information, the data ...
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Kalman Filter to estimate 3D position of a node

Code given on this link works for 1D: Kalman filter for position and velocity: introducing speed estimates In my problem I need to estimate 3D position.What is the criteria ? How F, G ,H,Q and R ...
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How to Deal with Outliers in Measurement of a Simple Model of Kalman Filter

I am trying to find the one-dimensional velocity of a car based on position measurements, similar to the Wikipedia article. The car moves at almost constant speed and I am mostly interested in ...
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Q matrix and updating times in a Kalman filter

The context of the problem is that I have several robots located remotely which give their position (x,y coordinates) every x seconds and send it to a centralized remote server. The value of the ...
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Kalman Filter - Velocity [Matlab]

I have a quite typical Kalman filter to design. I really read a lot of articles about the design of this filter but the performances of my filter are still quite bad. Here is my situation. I have a ...
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Kalman filter, defining the measurement model

I would like to implement a Kalman filter to estimate the velocity and position of an object. I have an accelerometer, therefore the acceleration is known. The approach is same as: Kalman filter for ...
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Fundamental questions about state-space and Kalman filters

I am a dsp guy, I only did a minimum of control theory back in university. While trying to grok state space analysis and (discrete time) regular Kalman filters, I am hitting a few questions that ...
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Even more on: Kalman filter for position and velocity

As a follow-on to this great question... I'm trying to implement the model in the referenced article (and referenced Wikipedia article), but I'm not getting the results I think I should be getting. ...
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how to filter accelerometer data of small robot, remove movement noise

I have a small robot (4tronix MARS Rover) and have added a MPU9250 unit which includes accelerometer (and gyro and magnetometer). I have calibrated it to determine offsets in a static situation. My ...
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Is acceleration noise modelled differently in EKF and UKF Kalman Filters?

In a lecture on basic Kalman filter, I came across the following assumption about acceleration noise. Every component of the noise vector $\nu$ is itself a product of time and acceleration values. ...
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Multiple cheap IMUs vs one expensive IMUs

In my project, there is a possibility of either buying one expensive IMU or 5 cheaper IMUs. They have to be cheaper due to budget limitations, and the idea is to use them in order to be able to do "...
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Anybody with experience with online double integration of acceleration?

I've found good literature for offline proccesses, and I've gotten good results. However, when it comes to online applications, I've found nothing good. Applying any filter without a linear phase ...
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Reduce Jitter in Live Kalman Filter

I have a stream of data over time that I have fed into a Kalman filter. This data represents the vertical displacement in time of a vehicle's rearwheel as it travels over a bump in the road. The ...
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