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Synchrosqueezing Wavelet Transform explanation?

How does Synchrosqueezing Wavelet Transform work, intuitively? What does the "synchrosqueezed" part do, and how is it different from simply the (continuous) Wavelet Transform?
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Why are there beats in spectrogram / Windowed Fourier Transform of sines?

I am trying to understand how the Windowed Fourier transform works, so I used Matlab to create an artificial signal, and plotted the Windowed Fourier transform using a gaussian window. $x(t) = \left\...
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Why Hilbert Transform is terrible choice for amplitude demodulation of broadband signals?

A reference answer empirically demonstrates that Hilbert envelope does not work well for the (amplitude) demodulation of a broadband signal. I am looking for the math which explains why...
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Difference between librosa.stft and scipy.signal.stft

I read the source code of librosa.stft and sicpy.signal.stft, and notice that the calculation results of STFT in these two libraries are quite different: In scipy.signal.stft, the stft result is ...
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Role of window length and overlap in uncertainty principle?

I am trying to predict epilepsy using spectrograms and a convolutional neural network. So far I have achieved a validation accuracy of 86% which i feel like is pretty good. Lots of the papers doing ...
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Equivalence between "windowed Fourier transform" and STFT as convolutions/filtering

I've heard, that "windowed Fourier transform" is but one perspective on STFT, and that STFT is fundamentally convolutions of windowed complex sinusoids with the input, i.e. bandpass ...
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Converting from PSD (V^2/Hz) to dBV (1 Volt RMS reference)

I'm having difficulty figuring out how to convert from PSD (V^2/Hz) to dBV (1 Volt RMS reference). The goal is to have a 1 Volt RMS input show as 0 dBV. Essentially I calculated the PSD of a signal ...
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One integral inverse CWT

MATLAB's icwt docs state inversion to be done by a single integral: $$ f(t) = 2 \Re e\left\{ \frac{1}{C_{\psi, \delta}} \int_0^\infty \left< f(t), \psi(t) \right> \frac{da}{a} \tag{1} \...
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FFT of 2 sine tones using windowing and zero padding. Wrong FFT amplitude

Here is my attempt to perform an FFT on a random signal with 2 tones in which I applied zero padding AFTER windowing. (I did not apply zero padding before windowing because that would suggest that the ...
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Correct Windowing Effect at Amplitude Scale

I am trying verify the noise floor returned by Matlab sinad(). I am able to get the results matching by summing power spectrum density with $\frac{f_\text{s}}{N}$. ...
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FFTs, Spectrograms, and Units

I am new to signal processing and I have likely a very easy question but I have found inconsistent answers everywhere. When performing an FFT, does it matter what units the amplitude is in? Currently ...
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Amplitude and phase from variational mode decomposition?

If a VMD analysis were fairly successful, in the sense that the spectrum is unimodal and relatively sparse, but still with a bit of bandwidth is it possible to extract a meaningful local amplitude and ...
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