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Is Allan variance still relevant?

I've been working with Allan variance for a while and I'm not really super excited about is purpose. I understand that noise time recordings, if they include flicker noise, diverge in time. In other ...
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What determines the accuracy of the phase result in a DFT bin?

What are the factors that affect the accuracy and precision for the phase that is given by the DFT? Just thinking medium-hard about this, it occurs to me that it must have something to do with the ...
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How to interpret Allan Deviation plot for gyroscope?

Regions with different slopes correspond to different types of noises in Allan Deviation plot of a steady gyroscope at steady temperature. My doubts are: What is significance of x axis in this plot, ...
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Averaging data from 2 sensors

Suppose we take a reading of a single rotating axis using 2 identical sensors. Intuitively, I think that averaging the outputs of both sensors will yield a less noisy result. But what if sensor A has ...
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How to interpret ADEV plot?

I want to understand how to interpret ADEV plots. I was of the understanding that if we see a peak at 1sec of TDEV plot there is a 1Hz noise in Time Interval Error(TIE) Capture. To understand the ...
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Is it possible to add some kind of noise to a non stationary (having unit root) signals to make them stationary?

I am working on time-series signals for which I need to fit a model (like MVAR) that could describe the process satisfactorily. However, my signal has a unit root and is highly non-stationary because ...
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Fourier transform of the energy

If I have the time history of the energy, Does it make sense to do the fourier transform of this energy? or if I want to see the energy in frequency the PSD is the only tool? and Why
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Frequency representation of relaxation processes

I simulated a discrete sample of a variable whose autocorrelation function (ACF) should theoretically be composed of a sum of exponential-like functions. My goal is to represent it in the frequency ...
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FFT to work out optimum number of samples to average

I have a magnetometer, a LIS3MDL to be precise, and I am taking readings from it every second. As expected there is variation in the readings. For example, if I take five readings I get: 1164, 1190, ...
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Why are the PSDs off by 100 times

I produced the "elevation vs distance" profile data and their PSD plots, I am trying to get the smartphone estimated profile close to the reference profile. As you can see, the PSD of the ...
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