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Understanding the frequency domain [duplicate]

I'm trying to understand what frequency domain is. I found general explanations on the Internet, for example: frequency-domain graph shows how much of the signal lies within each given frequency band ...
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What information does fourier transform carry? [duplicate]

As one starts learning signal processing, then comes inevitably the topic of Fourier Transforms. Unfortunately I have difficulties not in computing but in interpreting the results of the Fourier ...
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Frequency Domain - Meaning [duplicate]

I'm new in digital signal processing and having hard time understanding this. By Fourier Transform I mean Discrete Fourier Transform as it's the only one I'm learning. As far as I know Fourier ...
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what are the application of fourier transform in finding frequency response? [duplicate]

i need the application of Fourier transform in finding frequency response in mathematical terms
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What is the most lucid, intuitive explanation for the various FTs - CFT, DFT, DTFT and the Fourier Series?

Even after having studied these for quite sometime, I tend to forget (if I'm out of touch for a while) how they are related to each other and what each stands for (since they have such similar ...
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What is the sparse Fourier transform?

MIT has been making a bit of noise lately about a new algorithm that is touted as a faster Fourier transform that works on particular kinds of signals, for instance: "Faster Fourier transform ...
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Why is not Fourier Transform Good for Non-linear Processes

I was reading through slides about Hilbert Huang Transform. In slide 14, which talks about the motivations of a new method instead of Fourier Transform (FT), the author provides those two reasons in ...
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How do I calculate the frequency of the highest amplitude wave?

I have a number of values retrieved from a sampled signal that is generated randomly for no specific purpose. The task I am presented with (Quoted below): calculate the frequency of the highest ...
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Alternative to Orthogonal Matching Pursuit (OMP) Algorithm

In the Compressed Sensing context, assume there is a signal $ x \in {\mathbb{R}}^{n} $ which is $ k $ sparse. Namely its Pseudo $ {\ell}_{0} $ Norm is $ {\left\| x \right\|}_{0} = k $ (The signal has ...
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What is the basic concept of Fourier transform

I use discrete Fourier transform for digital image processing purposes , but I don't understand basic concept behind it. For example : What information exists in frequency domain? What is ...
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Need intuition on the frequency response of a signal

I'm currently taking a course on signals and systems, and even though we are much ahead of frequency response, I still feel like I am missing an intuitive grasp of what the frequency response of a ...
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What is the benefit of FFT when we're already sampling at an acceptable rate?

As I'm learning about DSP I can understand the process of taking a continuous signal into a discrete signal. I understand an oscillator producing different types of signals, including a periodic ...
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Correlation and the Fourier transform

In the book Fundamentals of Music Processing: Audio, Analysis, Algorithms, Applications by Meinard Müller, the coefficients $d_\omega$ and $\phi_\omega$ are defined as where $\cos_{\omega,\phi}(t) = \...
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What exactly is a frequency component, and what is the phase shift from the argument of the Fourier Transform relative to?

I'm an EE undergrad that struggles heavily with the intuition behind the Fourier Transform (most likely due to a shoddy mathematical foundation). Specifically: From what I understand, the real part ...
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