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Understanding the frequency domain [duplicate]

I'm trying to understand what frequency domain is. I found general explanations on the Internet, for example: frequency-domain graph shows how much of the signal lies within each given frequency band ...
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What information does fourier transform carry? [duplicate]

As one starts learning signal processing, then comes inevitably the topic of Fourier Transforms. Unfortunately I have difficulties not in computing but in interpreting the results of the Fourier ...
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Frequency Domain - Meaning [duplicate]

I'm new in digital signal processing and having hard time understanding this. By Fourier Transform I mean Discrete Fourier Transform as it's the only one I'm learning. As far as I know Fourier ...
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what are the application of fourier transform in finding frequency response? [duplicate]

i need the application of Fourier transform in finding frequency response in mathematical terms
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What is the most lucid, intuitive explanation for the various FTs - CFT, DFT, DTFT and the Fourier Series?

Even after having studied these for quite sometime, I tend to forget (if I'm out of touch for a while) how they are related to each other and what each stands for (since they have such similar ...
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What is the sparse Fourier transform?

MIT has been making a bit of noise lately about a new algorithm that is touted as a faster Fourier transform that works on particular kinds of signals, for instance: "Faster Fourier transform ...
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Why is not Fourier Transform Good for Non-linear Processes

I was reading through slides about Hilbert Huang Transform. In slide 14, which talks about the motivations of a new method instead of Fourier Transform (FT), the author provides those two reasons in ...
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How do I calculate the frequency of the highest amplitude wave?

I have a number of values retrieved from a sampled signal that is generated randomly for no specific purpose. The task I am presented with (Quoted below): calculate the frequency of the highest ...
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Alternative to Orthogonal Matching Pursuit (OMP) Algorithm

In the Compressed Sensing context, assume there is a signal $ x \in {\mathbb{R}}^{n} $ which is $ k $ sparse. Namely its Pseudo $ {\ell}_{0} $ Norm is $ {\left\| x \right\|}_{0} = k $ (The signal has ...
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What is the basic concept of Fourier transform

I use discrete Fourier transform for digital image processing purposes , but I don't understand basic concept behind it. For example : What information exists in frequency domain? What is ...
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Need intuition on the frequency response of a signal

I'm currently taking a course on signals and systems, and even though we are much ahead of frequency response, I still feel like I am missing an intuitive grasp of what the frequency response of a ...
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What is the benefit of FFT when we're already sampling at an acceptable rate?

As I'm learning about DSP I can understand the process of taking a continuous signal into a discrete signal. I understand an oscillator producing different types of signals, including a periodic ...
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Correlation and the Fourier transform

In the book Fundamentals of Music Processing: Audio, Analysis, Algorithms, Applications by Meinard Müller, the coefficients $d_\omega$ and $\phi_\omega$ are defined as where $\cos_{\omega,\phi}(t) = \...
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