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Understanding the Parameters of the Bilateral Filter

Allow me to show you a snip from Szeliski's Computer Vision book on bilateral filter. I don't know how to interpret these kernel definitions: In the actual summation what values do the $k$ and $l$ ...
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How to Calculate Gaussian Kernel for a Small Support Size?

How to calculate the values of Gaussian kernel? I think I understand the principle of it weighting the center pixel as the means, and those around it according to the $\sigma$ but what would each ...
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Gaussian Blur In MATLAB and Connection to Image Resolution

I am calling fspecial() in MATLAB to create a Guassian blur of an image. For example, ...
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Parameters of Gaussian Kernel in the Context of Image Convolution

Hi Everyone i am new at image processing. I copy code from Code with C - Gaussian Filter Generation in C++, I have image $600 \times 480$ gray scale. What will be the value of standard deviation or $\...
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What Is the Bilateral Filter Category: LPF, HPF, BPF or BSF?

I`m reading about Bilateral filter with images, I knew that it uses Gaussian filter (which is a LPF) as a domain filter plus a range filter and it is used to preserve edges(high freq component). Can ...
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Comparison Between Guided Filter (Edge Preserving Filter) and Gaussian Filter

I am looking for a good example that showing the different between Guided and Gaussian Filters. The example need to show the benefit of Guided filter, (for example: preserving edge...). Could you give ...
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Understanding the Bilateral Filter (Image Filtering)

I asked this question already on StackOverflow and was told to ask it here instead, so I will just copy the content of my question. I do understand the general concept of bilateral filtering and I did ...
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How to Get Rid of Ripples from a Gradient Image of a Smoothed Image?

I have a gray scale UINT8 image. When I smooth it with a Gaussian filter and then compute the gradient image with a Sobel filter in OpenCV, ripples would appear. ...
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How to Validate Bilateral Filter Implementation?

For this may be a X-Y question, I'm providing the full background story: I'm trying to test for the correctness for a fixed point implementation of bilateral filter written in C. My current approach ...
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Is the Bilateral Filter a Solution of Some Variational Method?

I've been watching these video lectures by Variational Methods for Computer Vision - Lecture 1 (Prof. Daniel Cremers) about variational methods in computer vision. In one of such video lectures a it ...
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Relation between variance of gaussian noise and intensity variance in Bilateral filter

So I implemented the code for bilateral filter from here and ran it for various values of spatial sigma and intensity sigma. I noticed that when I add gaussian noise to an image with variance say 0.02,...
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