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How to sample a complex function?

We know that we can sample a real function such as g(x) = sin(2pi*f*x) with a (approximate) critical sampling rate expressed as ...
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What the sampling rate should be for passband and baseband signals?

I feel dumb for not grasping this is first couple of times this was explained to me, but I feel like I will grasp this with a simple question. If I have a passband signal at a center frequency of 3 ...
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How to be sure that we chose the correct sampling rate in practice?

Let say I perform an experiment and I record data at a given frequency sampling $F_s$ and then I perform FFT analysis on these results. As I do not know the characteristics of the perturbation that I ...
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IFFT and DAC relationship in OFDM Transmitter

Say, for LTE BW 20 MHz, I have total 2048 SubCarrier at IFFT Input leading to 2048 Output (Complex) at IFFT Output, and in 1 OFDM Symbol (useful symbol length) of time 66.67 usec, the sampling rate ...
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What is the minimum sampling frequency to reconstruct a 1 Hz sine signal by using only FOH?

Consider a signal $s(t) = \sin(2\pi ft)$ where $f = 1$. Let's now discretise it by replacing $t$ with a vector of $n$ sampling instants equi-spaced by a sampling interval $T_s = \frac{1}{201}$ s, thus ...
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Given the Fourier Transform of a continuous signal how can I sketch the sampled signals discrete time fourier transform

I am given the frequency response for a continuous time signal $X(j\omega)$ = 2 at $\omega=0$ and 0 at $\omega = -10000\pi$ and $10000 \pi$. Looks like a triangle. I am told to sketch $X(e^{jw})$ ...
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How does aliasing affect bits in an ADC?

I want to measure a signal whose frequency spectrum is infinite, but I am particularly interested in the frequency range $ 0 - 500 \ \text{Hz}$. I have a 12-bit ADC. The ADC has dynamic range $ 6 \ \...
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DDS generated chirp and antialiasing filter : what is the best suited filter for a chirp?

I am defining the required antialiasing (analog) filter for a chirp generated by a DDS. The chirp is produced in a FPGA (NCO generation) and forwarded to the DAC for the samples generation (with ...
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Lora, carrier frequency and sampling frequency

I am reading articles on LORA and noticed a problem. For example, if the carrier frequency is $f_0=470$ MHZ, the sampling frequency is defined by $f_s=1$ MHz. For me this is incorrect because normally ...
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Convert analog to digital and back to analog

I'm trying to convert a signal from analog to digital and back to analog to observe the working of ADC and DAC, I use AD9248 as ADC and AD9767 as DAC, both of them are available on THDA ADA Altera ...
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What's the interpretation of this Low pass filter spec?

From the filter characteristic mentioned in the table, is it correct to interpret following for LPF: Fs=192Khz Passband edge=43.8Khz; passband ripple=5mdB Stopband edge=112Khz; stopband attenuation=...
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Harmonics below oscillation frequency in the brain

Apologies if this question is trivial, I'm a neuroscientist and would hugely appreciate your help to correctly interpret my analysis. I am recording EEG signals and am manipulating the brain using ...
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ADC output rate, undersampling and decimation

I have an ADC working with a sample rate of 960 Msps, my signal being located at the 3rd Nyquist region (I am undersampling). Input signal bandwidth is centered at 1200 MHz with a bandwidth of 120 MHz....
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