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How to get Fourier coefficients to draw any shape using DFT?

I'm teaching myself about Fourier Series and the DFT and trying to draw a stylised $\pi$ symbol by fourier epicycles as detailed by Mathologer on youtube (from 18:39 onwards), and the excellent ...
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Is Fourier series a sampled version of Fourier transform?

I recently learned about dtft and how dft/dfs is the sampled version of dtft. I was wondering if Fourier series is also obtainable by sampling Fourier transform? I am a noob in the subject so sorry if ...
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Finding the time domain equation corresponding to a given DFT

I'm stuck with the following exercise while self-studying the Discrete Fourier Transform: Consider sampling exactly three cycles of a continuous $x(t)$ sinusoid resulting in an 8-point $x(n)$ time ...
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Understanding the phase in DFT

Although using regularly the FFT algorithm to compute DFTs, I don't really understand how the phase part works. e.g. in Matlab: ...
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Absolute convergence of periodic sinc interpolation

An $N$-periodic complex discrete-time sequence $[x_0, \dots, x_{N-1}]$ can be resampled to an $M$-periodic sequence $[y_0, \dots, y_{M-1}]$ with $M>N$, using sinc interpolation: $$\begin{align}y_m ...
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Where is the Nyquist frequency in an FFT spectrum?

I've been working with even length audio for a while, so I've had no problem finding the Nyquist frequency in the FFT spectrum, as it's shape is: $$(\text{dc_component}, f_1, f_2, ..., f_{N/2-1}, f_\...
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What is the effect of wiping the right half of Fourier Transform bins?

I'm trying to change the pitch of a signal using a Fourier Transform (FFT) followed by an Inverse Fourier Transform (IFFT). I've found many examples, some of which zero out the right half of the real ...
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One sided frequency spectrum (Matlab vs. Origin)

There are a lot of queries on fft frequency all over the web. I guess the following point not discussed anywhere explicitly. Hope someone can provide an insight here. If we have and even number of ...
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Practical question about DFT in Matlab

Please consider this piece of code: ...
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What does imaginary Component of a bin's phase in the Fourier Transform mean?

I have been recently working with the FFT and realized that each frequency within a bin corresponds to a phase. This concept I have no problem with because if you wanted to construct the summation of ...
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