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What is the physical significance of negative frequencies?

This has been one of the holes in my cheddar cheese block of understanding DSP, so what is the physical interpretation of having a negative frequency? If you have a physical tone at some frequency ...
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FFT of sine wave not coming as expected i.e single point

The cyan plot is a spectrum of 50 Hz, and the magenta one is a 50.1 Hz sine wave (having amplitude 0.7). Both are sampled at 1024 samples/s. I performed a 1024 point FFT to get this spectrum. Why is ...
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Amplitude of the Signal in Frequency Domain different from Time Domain

How does the Amplitude of the Signal is changed when taking the FFT of a Signal, Have a look, The amplitude had changed from 2 to 30, and Here is my code for generating the above output, ...
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