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criteria for choosing a window for filter design? [duplicate]

When choosing any of windows(Bartlett, Rectangular, Hamming etc) for filter design, one important specification of window is minimum stop band attenuation What can be other window specification(s) ...
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High Order Filtering [duplicate]

Which window has better performance for higher order filtering? A. Rectangular window B. Hamming window C. Kaiser Window D. Hann Window Can anyone please answer this with explanation.
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FIR Filter Design: Window vs Parks McClellan and Least Squares

Are there any advantages to use a window approach over Parks-McClellan (further abbreviated here as PMcC) or Least Squares algorithms for FIR filter design of a low pass filter? Assume with today's ...
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FFT of any sinusoidal signal -- how many point fft to take?

suppose I have to measure the DFT of an 60 hz sinusoidal signal and calculate upto 20 harmonics of this. Value of the 20th harmonic will be 20*60 = 1200 HZ. Then my sampling frequency should be >= 20*...
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Computing the Power Spectrum Density (PSD) on a CSV File in Python

im quit new with signal processing and im trying to calculate the PSD of a signal im sampling. the signal is an output of a DC buck converter this is the code im using and this is the plot im getting ...
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Applying a window to a signal

How can I Gaussian or Bartlett window to a signal? On the other hand, is it a good way of smoothing signals? If not what are the differences between smoothing and windowing?
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Low-pass vs. windowing function in front of FFT

I am sampling sound at 48 kHz because that's what the DAC for the headset needs. I take every 6th of these. So I have 8 kHz and process 1024 at a time. My goal is to analyse the spectrum in the final ...
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Estimate Parameters of Linear Combination of Harmonic Signals with Partial Known Frequencies

Edit As for window weighted mean, this is known as Birkhoff averaging. In the case of quasiperiodic signals, such averaging is superconvergent. Weighting by $\exp\left(\frac{1}{t^n (t - 1)^n}\right)$ ...
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Impulse response measurement : practical questions

To measure system impulse response I can do the following steps : system input : it is excited with an excitation signal having a duration t_exc with a bandwidth bw_exc (for example sine linear sweep)...
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Time signal FFT different for whole signal than half signal on high frequencies

I have a time signal of u from 0 to 1000 time units. If I chop the signal in two halves and compare the frequency spectrum of both it looks similar, as it should (...
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