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Windowed Sinc vs Parks–McClellan filter design [duplicate]

In the context of FIR filters, what are the tradeoffs between using a low pass filter designed using a windowed sinc versus an optimally iterative algorithm such as Parks-McClellan? When would you use ...
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Multi-channel audio upsampling interpolation

I have a four-channel audio signal from a microphone tetrahedral array. I wish to upsample it from 48 kHz to 240 kHz. Is there a preferred interpolation method for audio? Does cubic ...
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Why would one use a Hann or Bartlett window?

Suppose we're designing a low-pass FIR filter, and I want to use one of these three windows: Bartlett, Hann or Hamming. From Oppenheim & Schafer's Discrete-Time Signal Processing, 2nd Ed, p. 471:} ...
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How can I design Nyquist interpolation filters with the Parks-McClellan algorithm?

We can easily design interpolation filters that obey certain frequency-domain constraints using the Parks-McClellan algorithm. However, it's not immediately clear how to enforce time-domain ...
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High Dynamic Range FIR Filters

Related to this question on using the Windowing method for FIR filter design versus the optimized algorithms such as least squares (firls in MATLAB, Octave and ...
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Realtime sample rate conversion

Is it possible to have a realtime sample rate conversion in a way that a peer A with an audio stream at 44.1 KHz sends it signal over the network to another peer that is on an audio stream at a 48 KHz ...
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Downsample: resample vs antialias fitlering + decimation

I have a discrete signal sampled @Fs. I need to downsample it to Fs/k. Main reason is to reduce signal bandwidth and speed up computation : I'm only interested in a reduced bandwidth < Fs/2k. Some ...
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FFT of any sinusoidal signal -- how many point fft to take?

suppose I have to measure the DFT of an 60 hz sinusoidal signal and calculate upto 20 harmonics of this. Value of the 20th harmonic will be 20*60 = 1200 HZ. Then my sampling frequency should be >= 20*...
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Building a FIR filter from an arbitrary frequency-magnitude response curve (eg. Least Squares fitting) [duplicate]

I'm trying to create a FIR filter from a magnitude equation, where my starting equation provides the magnitude (amplitude) between 0 and 1 for any given frequency in Hz. I posted the magnitude ...
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Valid approach to implementing a band pass filter

Suppose I want to perform Spectral shaping on a signal, i.e, modify the gains in a band of frequencies. Would there be any difference if I do that using the following two methods? - Use a band pass ...
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Is there really no perfect digital filter?

In context of transition width vs. stopband attenuation, different windows (Blackman, Hamming, etc) are compared in terms of tradeoffs between the two, always noting that one cannot perfect both. Why ...
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Resampling time series to regular array, then downsampling (Butterworth)

Long time reader, first time poster. I have a few very simple questions that are troubling me and I am hoping that one of you guys can help me out. Setup & Aim: I have a time series that I want ...
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Filter design with constrained impulse response

What I want I wish to design an LPF, preferably an FIR, but also open to IIR. My constraints: I care about phase non-linearity. Thus if I use an IIR, I need a filter similar to a Bessel filter. My ...
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help in understanding cosine filter

I was referring to this link . I am not very clear about the derivation of the ...
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Implementation of halfband pass filter

I need to interpolate a complex valued bandlimited periodic function using local interpolation. I can have the signal sampled at any frequency I want over at equispace intervals. I am aware that for ...
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