Could anyone lead me on the right path on where I could get more information in regards to a narrowband Gaussian signal can be modeled as:

$$ X(t)\cos(2\pi f t)+Y(t)\sin(2\pi f t) $$

where $X(t)$ and $Y(t)$ are the in phase and quadrature phase noise amplitudes.

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You can find some information at least in Section 1-4, "Narrowband Noise and Envelope Detection", in the book: M. Schwartz, W. R. Bennett, and S. Stein, "Communication Systems and Techniques".

This old book, published 1966, can be accessed online if one signs in to IEEEXplore.org using their own personal account. Full book here. Otherwise one could maybe find a physical copy at some technical university library. I'm afraid I don't know any good public online sources.

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