I know that while taking pictures from a camera, noise may appear in the image. It is often described as Gaussian, but what about the other noises, when do they occur in real world?

Please help!


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Gaussian Noise: Standard model of amplifier noise.

Gamma Noise: Frequent in Radar/LiDAR.

Rayleigh Noise: One example where the Rayleigh distribution naturally arises is when wind velocity is analyzed into its orthogonal 2-dimensional vector components.

Exponential Noise: Channel Based Communication(see AEN).


The noise that appears on x-ray images is Poisson in nature. I find the treatment in Computed Tomography: From Photon Statistics to Modern Cone-Beam CT to be good for showing why, but in summary: X-ray photon generation in an x-ray tube is a Poisson process, then attenuation in whatever is being imaged is binomial, and so is detection, so the final image is still Poisson.

I can't help with examples of the other types, sorry.


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