I have an antenna pattern (azimuth cut) and I want to apply a Hamming window to it. In SAR processing the target is shaped by the azimuth antenna pattern, and on top of it it should be possible to apply a window. So the antenna pattern can be regarded as in the (Doppler) frequency domain. How can apply a window? I have tried to convert the pattern back to the time domain, multiply by the window and back again to frequency without success. Maybe I'm missing the understanding of time and frequency windows, sampling rate, etc..

  • $\begingroup$ Your thought process sounds correct to me. Can you demonstrate your method with what would be equivalent to a simple 8 element antenna and we can see where it may be going wrong? I suggest showing what it would be using your approach with an omni-directional antenna and then show how that would be modified with an antenna pattern. (Using the resulting 8 element pattern would be a good example pattern since we know what the time domain should be in that case). $\endgroup$ May 29, 2022 at 19:13


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