I am currently developing an Android Application for Video-Streaming. Now i came to the point where I wanted to manipulate the stream. From the API I am using I have 6 methods available for each Frame I am capturing:

getDataY, getDataU, getDataV, getStrideY, getStrideU, getStrideV

but I have absolutely no idea what the data I get from these methods represents, I also didn't find anything on Google or Bing.

Can someone explaing what the data I get from theses methods represent?


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The question might be more about code written in a specific context. However, the Y, U, V letters refer to YUV formats, a transformation of an image in RGB format into three other planes, one of luminance, two of chrominance, that are less redundant then the red/green/blue, and are subsequently downsampled and "JPEG" compressed. A couple of links:


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