I am developing a software framework for image processing. So, I need to arrange the digital filters as a hierarchy.

The above link lists the following digital filters:

  1. Mean Filter - noise reduction NR using mean of neighborhood
  2. Median Filter - NR using median of neighborhood
  3. Gaussian Smoothing - NR using convolution with a Gaussian smoothing kernel
  4. Conservative Smoothing - NR using maximum and minimum of neighborhood
  5. Crimmins Speckle Removal - more complex NR operator
  6. Frequency Filters - high and low pass image filters, etc
  7. Laplacian/Laplacian of Gaussian Filter - edge detection filter
  8. Unsharp Filter - edge enhancement filter

Practically, is there a hierarchical relationship among these filters?

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    $\begingroup$ No. As everywhere in life, filters belong into multiple categories. For example, your mean, Gaussian are classical linear filters - which you probably mean with your category 6. But it seems still useful to you to not put them under there for some reason! $\endgroup$ – mmmm Jun 13 at 1:22

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