Due to covid, our university is now offering online classes to under grad students, even labs are conducted online.

But we are bit confused regarding evaluation? We make videos of demonstration of dsp kit 6713 and upload them to web and share their link with students.

But question is how we can evaluate / assess learning of students especially their ability of C programming to program DSP kit and especially in starting labs experiments for example switching on/off Led using dip switches available on dsp kit 6713.

It isn't practical to deliver each student a dsp kit at home, please recommend other solutions!

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    $\begingroup$ This isn't really a signal processing question, is it? However, I'd re-evaluate what you really want to teach, seeing that you posted this on a signal processing site: Programming can be done just as well targetting any other architecture than the TMS320C6713. Honestly, I don't think there's much value in teaching students to blink an LED on a relatively special-usecase DSP board, unless you want to teach them embedded development – which again I wouldn't recommend doing on a DSP board. If you just want to teach them how to do digital signal processing in software: $\endgroup$ Apr 9 at 18:03
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    $\begingroup$ Let them do that on a PC, targetting a PC. There's not really a downside to that for undergrad students – only when they know very well how to do that, they could then move to remotely deploying code on a DSP board (and by then, DIP switches and LEDs are rather boring, and you'd use the board for something it's really meant for, like pushing through hundreds of millions of values per second). But honestly, I don't think your students learn too much on an old DSP board that they couldn't learn targetting x86_64 or ARM64 + SIMD. $\endgroup$ Apr 9 at 18:05
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    $\begingroup$ Does this answer your question? Hardware kits for DSP Lab? $\endgroup$ Apr 9 at 18:06
  • $\begingroup$ Thanks@MarcusMüller for your comments but i don't think that the question referred by you contains reasonable guidance relevant to my question $\endgroup$
    – cvz
    Apr 10 at 6:59
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    $\begingroup$ What I found is that you really don't have to adhere 100% to the current syllabus; this is a pandemic. You have to work around that, and the department has to accept what you'll do :) The DSP thing you have is double bad, because other DSP platforms at least have software emulators that students could use at home – TMS320C67 doesn't even have that. It's really software development like in the early 90s, and that doesn't work when people have to work remotely. $\endgroup$ Apr 10 at 10:47

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