I found some simulation results of RS-encoder. In the description are written the following:

“When the program implementation is run, the clock is set to high i.e. ‘1 ’ and reset is set to low i.e. ‘ 0 ’ and then when the circuit is run for several clock cycles for about 10000ns . The program always begins at the positive edge of the clock. It is checking the generator polynomial and the place where generator polynomial has coefficient is ‘1’ and rest are ‘ 0 ’ in the 8 bits polynomial. For loop is used for 254 times and a table is created which gives 0 - 255 decimal and its equivalent binary”

[from pdf p 51 ] It is an mplementation of (255,245) Reed-Solomon Code.

My question are how to read the such results of simulation the RS encoder and could someone explain to me the picture below?

enter image description here

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    $\begingroup$ You need to first figure out and explain to the rest of us who don't have access to the full document what the paragraph that you have quoted means. There are too many grammatical errors and much of what the paragraph makes no sense at all. Reed-Solomon codes don't have 8-bit generator polynomials, and "the place where generator polynomial has coefficient is ‘1’ and 47 rest are ‘ 0 ’ " makes no sense. In fact, even the very basics such as what is the size of the field, what is the block length and rate of the code, etc are things left for us to guess at. $\endgroup$ – Dilip Sarwate Nov 25 '20 at 20:42

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