I have an audio recording stored as a .wav file. My goal is to identify exact sounds patters from it using Python.

The problem I'm facing is there's a clear "ting" sound in the audio file, but it also has "other" noise apart from my expected sound. Also, the sounds I'm expecting is either "ting" or can be "ting ting" (lower intensity) or something similar.

  1. What's the best way to identify exact peaks from the signal?
  2. How do I distinguish between my "ting" and "ting ting" (lower intensity/amplitude compared to normal "ting")?
  3. How do I filter out "noise" from the signal that's not what I expect?

I tried some basic Python code using librosa and https://github.com/MonsieurV/py-findpeaks#scipysignalfind_peaks, but it wasn't reliable/scalable beyond a point.


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