First off I want to apologize for not being very clear or technical in describing this question. I haven't had any formal DSP schooling.

It will probably be easier to explain what I'm trying to accomplish. In an audio plug-in I have a graph that displays the envelope used in a compressor. To do this currently, I create an envelope detector with the same attack and release values as the compressor and then feed it samples of 1 until it reaches the full attack time, and then feed it 0s until it almost fully decays to 0. I store the output at each sample point and use that to draw a plot. What I would like to do instead is just figure out how to graph this so that I can make use of smooth bezier curves.

Here is what it looks like currently


The detector uses a discrete function to calculate the envelope based on the gain/release constants and the previous envelope value.

T detect(T input)
    T envIn = processInput(input);
    if(_envelope < envIn)
        _envelope = _envelope * _ga + (1 - _ga) * envIn;
        _envelope = _envelope * _gr + (1 - _gr) * envIn;
    return _envelope;

Is there a way to transform this from a discrete equation into something that can easily be graphed?

Again I apologize for not knowing how to describe this in a mathmatical way, and I hope I'm not out of place for asking for help on this.


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