Doing a camera calibration of an extremely distorted camera ( wide-angle ) the OpenCV gives us the rogdriguez and the transpose vectors of each image used in the calibration process. How do they do this?

Assuming I have a distorted image of a planar target with blobs on it I want to find the target orientation.

In undistorted case it is easy to determine its orientation by using the cv2.findHomography function.

One idea I had was to take a center 4 blobs close to the middle of the image hoping that the distortion in the middle of the camera was not pronounced as it is further away but I think this did not yield a precise homogropahy similar to the one that was found by the OpenCV.

The sample image is this one : enter image description here (this is a screenshot of the image, because the original image is more than 100 mBytes in size).


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