I'm studying the photomechanical behavior of photochromic thin films. They react to specific light wavelengths exhibiting bending movement. I use a yellow light, which turns the film from blue to white. As it turns white, the light reflection on the thin film surface intensifies. I want to track this movement through timelapse videos for that I've been doing all the processing in MatLab. To track the thin film movement on the video, I've been using the tracker function found in the Computer Vision Toolbox. So far, I'm not getting exact results due to the change of light intensity, because the algorithm finds it difficult to track the points at each frame (sometimes the tracking points disappear). Is there a way I can process the video in such a way I can balance the light intensity in each frame? Is there another MatLab function I can use for my application?

I attached the first and last frame on the video to show how the light changes on the thin film surface:

First frame

Last frame


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