I'm currently looking at capacity for cascaded channels as part of my Communications Systems module and we're looking at a question in which we have four identical channels represented by the conditional probability function given in a matrix:

p(y|x) =

|0.9 0.06 0.04|

|0.04 0.9 0.06|

|0.06 0.9 0.04|

Then another channel:

q(y|x) =

|0.98 0.01 0.01|

|0.01 0.98 0.01|

|0.01 0.98 0.01|

As far as I could tell the capacity didn't change whether q was in position 1 in the cascade or position 5 in the cascade. I also tried some different matrices that didn't resemble the identity matrix so much and again I found position didn't matter and I was wondering why this is?


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