I want to make sure I am understanding the filter bank frequencies correctly in DWT decomposition. If my sampling frequency is 30kHz, then would I need to input data with 30k samples which later will be decomposed to:

(level 0 - 0-15k Hz)

(level 1 - 0-7.5k & 7.5k-15kHz)

(level 2 - 0-3.75k, 3.75k-7.5k & 7.5k-11.25k, 11.25k-15kHz)

and so on...

So if I need to zero power-line interferences (60Hz) but my signals of interest are in the low frequency range then I would need a min of 7 levels to get to 0-117 Hz and that still does not provide very high resolution in frequency (can eliminate other signals of interest within the range)

So my question is, does the number of samples for input as data to be decomposed have to be related to the sampling frequency or it can be any number below the sampling frequency to obtain higher frequency resolution?


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