Hello i've downloaded a correct MSI radiation pattern file. I've imported it using MSI read, i'm able to visualize to azimuth and elevation cut patterns.

I want to use its radiation pattern and create a custom antenna element using phased.CustomAntennaElement

the issue is when i try using phased.CustomAntennaElement arguments 'HorizontalMagnitudePattern', and 'VerticalMagnitudePattern' i get a size error since the vertical and horizontal magnitute patterns ive imported from the msi files have 360x1 size instead the arguments of the custom antenna expects 181x361?

Error using phased.internal.AbstractElement (line 25)
Expected HorizontalMagnitudePattern to be of size 181x361, but it is of size 360x1.

here is my code

azang = [-180:180];
elang = [-90:90];
[Horizontal,Vertical,Optional] = msiread('Kathrein\80010652_2655_x_co_p45_08t_rs.msi');
phasepattern = zeros(361);
antena = phased.CustomAntennaElement('AzimuthAngles',azang, ...
    'HorizontalMagnitudePattern', Horizontal.Magnitude, ...
  • $\begingroup$ no one?? i need help! $\endgroup$ – carterwild Jun 19 '20 at 18:38

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