Would someone be able to give me some info or a link etc ... regarding haarlets aka Haar wavelet-like features. I'm reading several papers for my master dissertation and several of these papers briefly mention haarlets. I can't seem to really get what they are and how they are used. I apologize if this is a basic question. But i would really appreciate some clear, structured info on the subject.

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Have you seen Robust Real-time Object Detection by Viola and Jones? This is probably the most widely used face detection algorithm, and also the most famous example of the use of the Haar wavelet-like features.


The Haar wavelet is used for edge detection and edge detection is a common problem in image processing, specially for pattern recognition. Haarlets are recommended for that purpose. As an example, this project uses haarlets to achieve that:

Bergh, M, Koller-Meier, E, & Gool, L 2009, 'Real-Time Body Pose Recognition Using 2D or 3D Haarlets', International Journal Of Computer Vision, 83, 1, pp. 72-84, Computers & Applied Sciences Complete, EBSCOhost.


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