I am trying to understand how to get time as I already have sample rate. I want to draw a graph of sample rate vs time. I have information such as carrier frequency, channel bandwidth. Can that be used to get time.

So far, I have understood this: Samples per symbol and number of symbols for QAM

In order to get the time, I would need to do this:

T = 1/Samples per symbol

Would this be correct.

  • $\begingroup$ "I want to draw a graph of sample rate vs time" this is not very clear. $\endgroup$ – jithin Apr 16 at 15:24
  • $\begingroup$ Sorry, I new to this field and I am learning. The previous suggestion in the above link is to draw a sample rate vs time graph and I am trying to do that. Thank you $\endgroup$ – Zizi Apr 16 at 15:28
  • $\begingroup$ Rate of transmissions is usually fixed for a given configuration and it does not vary with time. That is why I asked to clarify. $\endgroup$ – jithin Apr 16 at 15:30
  • $\begingroup$ I will go back to the other link and clarify with engineer. Thank you. $\endgroup$ – Zizi Apr 16 at 15:32

Consider you have a bandwidth of B. The sampling rate $F_s$ which is related to B using the relation $F_s > 2B$. Now the sample time is $\frac{1}{F_s}$. So if you have N samples then total time is $\frac{N}{F_s}$

Is that what you are looking for?

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  • $\begingroup$ Yes, thank you for the help $\endgroup$ – Zizi Apr 16 at 15:23

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