I am trying to digest this paper.

[2002] Anna Usakova. Using Of Discrete Orthogonal Transforms For Convolution

So far, I've been successful with DFT and DHT. Could someone give a hand with DCT?

I am trying to reproduce the convolution theorem for DCT-I and DCT-II. But my results never match the same as the result I get with DFT and DHT.

enter image description here

I am reading reference 9 of the paper

RAO, K. R.—YIP, P.: Discrete Cosine Transform — Algo- rithms, Advantages, Applications, Academic Press, Inc., Lon- don, 1990.

But it puts the conv. theorem of DCT-II in other terms.

I have also read other works, such as

[1994] Martucci. Symmetric Convolution and the Discrete Sine and Cosine Transforms

[2011] Roma. A tutorial overview on the properties of the discrete cosine transform for encoded image and video processing

and others. But I am interested on the Conv. Theorem on a similar fashion as the first two references.


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