I want to know how to detect a Premature ventricular contraction (PVC) in a ECG-signal. A PVC is best seen from the V1-lead in an Electrocardiogram.

PVC example Figure 1: A) PVC coming from the left ventricle, B) PVC coming from the right ventricle

The definition of a PVC can be found here


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I'm an audio guy and not a biomed guy, but if the ECG is decently periodic except for an occasional artifact or anomaly like a PVC, you can do "pitch detection" (estimating the period or fundamental frequency) of the waveform and tune a comb filter to null out the periodic component. Then the anomalies will be the only thing left after subtracting or nulling out the periodic component.

Then you can perhaps have a dictionary of waveshapes for possible anolamies and cross-correlate (sliding correlation) each of the waveshapes against this remaining waveform. That operation is, essentially, what we call a "matched filter", which is used to recognize "grains" of signals.


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