I have read the paper Chris Harris , Mike Stephens - A Combined Corner and Edge Detector about the Harris Corner and Edge Detector, but I didn't understand the point that after low and high threshold they have got 5 regions, specially the point where he has got 2 corner classes, can you please explain that to me with image so I can get that point?

  • here is the part of the paper which I didn't understand:

    • By applying low and high thresholds, edge hysteresis can be carried out, and this can enhance the continuity of edges.

      • These classifications thus result in a 5-level image comprising:
    1. Background.
    2. Two corner classes.
    3. Two edge classes.
**Thanks in advance**

image after high and low threshold


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After doing the low and high thresholds to the eigenvalues, there will be 2 types of corners:

  1. weak corners which are close to the low thresholding value.

  2. strong corners which are above the high thresholding value.

Harris Corner


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