I am required to filter out noise from EEG data using preferably Python or MATLAB. My dataset contains values for 64-electrode EEG along with their time-corresponding HEOG (horizontal eye movement), VEOG (vertical eye movement) and ECG (for heart-complex artefact) values. I wish to implement cascading adaptive filtering technique and have gone through the paper 'Noise Removal from EEG Signals in Polisomnographic Records Applying Adaptive Filters in Cascade' by M. Agustina Garces Correa and Eric Laciar Leber (https://www.intechopen.com/books/adaptive-filtering-applications/noise-removal-from-eeg-signals-in-polisomnographic-records-applying-adaptive-filters-in-cascade) but I am not proficient enough with programming to allow me to program the logic.

Could anybody tell me what libraries and functions would be appropriate for this?


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