I’m new to channel coding, and I’m trying to learn about channel coding in general, and iterative turbo coding in particular.

I was trying to play with some simulink examples while reading to get a better hang of things. However the MathWorks guys are so good, that I they provide me with ready made blocks for channel decoding, yet I don’t really get to see their inner workings.

This question is more of reference request. I know there’s a lot of material out there, but I thought I’d still ask here for some help. Could someone point me towards a tutorial which is:

  • “hands on” using some simulation, preferably Simulink, but also MATLAB, or Python will do.
  • detailed enough for a novice
  • implements channel decoding from “bare bones”, as would be translated from the block diagram describing the system, so that I could really understand the implementation details?

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