I am traying to perform a simulation in Matlab and I faced up with some practical/theorical problems.

The channel I want to simulate is frequency selective fading. The packets are short compared with the coherence time so I will assume that the channel doesn’t change during the transmission of each packet.

Well, as I understood the PDP (Power Delay Profile) is the spatial average of the channel impulse responses. The mean of the paths of different instances of the channel gives each path of the PDP (the amplitudes of the paths of the instances follows a Rayleigh distribution). So, when I have to simulate a concrete channel (starting from a specific PDP) I can use different instance of the channel for each packet to get the final BER.

My question here is... If is the same using the PDP to get the BER as using the different instances (mentioned above). If the mean of the instances is the PDP, in terms of simulation have to be the same no?


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