I am trying to plot a spectrogram using Matlab. Basically what I need is to have: -time in the X axis -Velocity in Y axis -Intensity is the current (in pico Ampere)

Basically, I want to create a simliar plot as the one attached here.

Time is an array of 9000 elements Velocity is a matrix of 9000x128 elements Current is a matrix of 9000x1280 elements

I have a thermal velocity which I can also plot which is an array of 9000 elements.

Can anyone give sugggestion on how to plot it? I want to crate similar to the one below:

Spectrogram plot example


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spectrogram(x, N, N/2, N, fs, ‘yaxis’) is my default one liner.

To get rid of the non-SI time units, I think you need to do [S, F, T] = spectrogram(x, N, N/2, N, fs); pcolor(S, F, 20*log10(abs(S))); cb = colorbar() cb.Label.String = «some unit»; cl = get(gca, ‘CLim’); set(gca, ‘CLim’, cl(2)+[-40 0];

From memory. You might want to check that S is «amplitude» rather than power, and if pcolor takes S and F in this order or backwards. Also consider shading flat (if dataset is dense) or using imagesc() instead of pcolor.


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