I am wondering what will be the reali magnitude of $E_b$ in terms of dBm or watt? What is the range of bit energy values in real wireless communications? In terms of mWat or dBm?


  • $\begingroup$ "energy in terms of dBm (dB milliwatts) or watts": Um, energy is energy, and watt is a unit of power, which is energy per time. So, your question makes no sense... And it will not surprise you: The energy per bit varies wildly, depending on whether you look at the transmitter or the receiver side of things, and what your communication needs to achieve. So, "somewhere from the electronvolt ranges up to several Joule" is the only answer that we can give you if we ignore your "what's the power of energy" confusion. $\endgroup$ – Marcus Müller Jan 17 at 0:19

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