I have a bit of project that I'm doing for SIN interference removal. Just not sure Am I doing everything correct: enter image description here

Fs = 1000;

Ts = 1/Fs;

order = 12;

t = 0:Ts:1-Ts;

x = sin(2*pi*4*t);

noise = rand(size(x),1);

x = x + noise; % Generating signal plus noise

x = x/max(x); %Normalization

x = x';

x1= delayseq(x,15) %Delay

b = fir1(order, 0.3, 'low'); %Filter

d = filter(b, 1, x1); %Filter

mu = 0.8;

lms = dsp.LMSFilter(order+1, 'StepSize', mu, 'WeightsOutputPort', true);

[y, e, w]= step(lms, x, d);

figure(2); plot(t,x,t,y,t,d) legend('Signal and noise','filtered','before lms')


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