I was watching a video in time 24:48 I would like to know where you got the value

.9 (1.14z + .941) and 1.0232 + .757

Does anyone explain how he got those numbers?

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    $\begingroup$ no, sorry, I'm really not going to watch 24:47 minutes of video to understand your question. Could you try to explain what they're doing, what you understand and what you not understand about it? Also, never discount the possibility of Youtube videos being not the best educational source, or correct all the time. $\endgroup$ – Marcus Müller Jan 12 at 0:51
  • $\begingroup$ tinyurl.com/s4rcff9 , tinyurl.com/wpz8yqx $\endgroup$ – Juha P Jan 12 at 5:46

Two conjugate poles:

$(z-(0.51+0.7i))(z-(0.51-0.7i)) = z^{2} - 1.02z +0.76$

Two conjugate zeros:

$(z-(0.57+0.78i))(z-(0.57-0.78i)) = z^{2} - 1.14z +0.94$

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    $\begingroup$ ok but how do you get 0.76 and 0.94? $\endgroup$ – molo32 Jan 12 at 4:46
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    $\begingroup$ If you don't know that then you either need to learn how to expand brackets, or learn how it works with complex numbers $\endgroup$ – DamienBradley Jan 12 at 13:02
  • $\begingroup$ Me too wonder, how you got $0.76$ and $0.94$. I see it $0.75010$ and $0.93330$ instead. $\endgroup$ – jomegaA Feb 12 at 19:10
  • $\begingroup$ Put the equation on the right in here: mathsisfun.com/quadratic-equation-solver.html $\endgroup$ – DamienBradley Feb 13 at 13:33

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